Pilates offers a safe and effective form of exercise for a wide range of medical conditions including osteporosis, arthritis, RSI and chronic back pain

Suitable for pre and post pregnancy, athletes who wish to enhance their performance, those who are in stressful jobs, busy mums, the elderly, those who sit down too much and equally those who do not have the time to sit!


  • Improves muscle strength and tone

  • Helps to correct poor posture

  • Improves co-ordination and balance

  • Improves circulation

  • Restores flexibility and joint mobility

  • Improves bone density and joint health

  • Relieves stress and tension and creates a sense of calm

  • Helps to manage and alleviate back pain


Shannon treats us all as individuals and knows our abilities and injuries.  She knows what we can and can’t do and when to push us a little bit further! The class is relaxed and fun but also challenging. Shannon gives clear instructions and demonstrations and then watches to see that we have understood and are getting it right. I hate exercise classes and have been a member of several gyms in my lifetime… It never lasts… until now! I love my Pilates with Shannon! After three pregnancies my posture and pelvic floor had certainly suffered. Now I stand tall and sneeze with confidence! So you see, it is very hard for anyone to match you…you have passion and it stands out a mile! You deserve every success!

Kate T

I’m so happy I found Shannon, in the 12 months I’ve been taking lessons I’ve seen major improvements in my flexibility and core muscle strength.  While I don’t normally have to demonstrate how easily I can touch my toes, it’s the simple things like how much more easier it is for me to look behind me when cycling and ducking under low branches when I’m out running.  The staff are all cheerful, knowledgeable, encouraging and  are very good at tweaking individuals within the class when anyones not quite getting the hang of any particular exercise.

Gareth H