Our Reformer classes are great all round body workouts. The Reformer can rapidly change the way you feel and look by offering the body both resistance and the assistance that we sometimes require for a more challenging exercise in order to engage the correct muscle groups.

Each student has their own Reformer for the duration of the hour long class. We have four Reformers in total and a great deal of fun along the way!! Be prepared to work hard and to learn lots about your body. We have different levels of classes for you to choose depending on your experience.


This is where your Reformer journey needs to begin. Even the fittest, sporty and most flexible of us have to start right at the bottom with the Reformer, to establish a firm knowledge of moving and setting up the equipment and knowing how to change your springs etc. If you are brand new to pilates then we suggest an initial 1:1 first so that we can assess you, otherwise with some mat based pilates knowledge, this is where you should start. Ideally with a 12-13 week course geared specifically to learning the basics and mastering your technique.


If you have done some Reformer before at another studio or have taken the Beginners Reformer course with us, then you will naturally progress to Reformer 1. The flow and intensity will increase a little as you work through the repertoire of exercises to develop and perfect your form.


As you progress to Reformer 2, you will know which springs to use and when and you will have learnt a wide range of exercise repertoire and be confident with your apparatus. The resistance will be increased and decreased to challenge you more and the pace of the class may also be stepped up. This class is for Intermediate Reformer clients only.


A much more advanced Reformer class for those who have been taught either by us or to a high standard elsewhere and who know exactly how the Reformer works and how to work it to get the most out of your workout! Be prepared for advanced exercises, higher energy, faster pace and varied resistance to increase heart rate, strength and stamina. Not suitable for those with injuries.


I cannot recommend Shannon enough for anyone wishing to start or continue their Pilates practice. Over several terms I have taken classes with Shannon and some of the other instructors. All the teachers are professional and friendly throughout and classes have a personal feel. The instructors consistently get to know and remember their clients, their strengths and areas for improvement. I really appreciate the close attention paid to correcting postures and the explanation of how and why changes will benefit you. The hour long classes fly by and I wish I had time for more than one a week! I leave each Thursday feeling calm, strong and six inches taller!

Philippa K

I was having very painful back problems and decided that I would give Pilates a try to see if I could somehow manage my pain and mobility issues without having to resort to spinal surgery! I started out with a beginners’ mat class and the exercises I did quite literally kept me going – I’d walk into class all bent out of shape and walk out as tall as can be. Shannon is caring and takes time to make sure that you’re OK with the exercises you are doing and only encourages you to do what you can do within the limits of your own body. 

Nick R