Feel at home in your own body…

I love to inspire women (and men!) to transform their lifestyle and develop a healthier and holistic relationship with their bodies.  We all need a deeper sense of well-being in our lives.  To feel comfortable in your own skin can make you feel a great sense of peace and calm.  To have the ability to calm the mind in the most chaotic of moments is a powerful tool.  Pilates can help with this! 
I’ve been teaching movement to children, older people and everyone in between for over 20 years.  It started with my love of the water and I trained to become a swimming teacher, then aerobics and aqua and finally I found my niche – Pilates, some years later, when injury led down that path via my physiotherapist.
I qualified as a pilates teacher in 2011 with Body Control Pilates to teach matwork and Reformer and have since completed Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel courses. I have been inspired by and have learnt from a prolific list of teachers and have incorporated the Franklin Method into my teaching, along with the Garuda Method, learning from Morten Dithmer and James D’Silva.
In 2011, Reigate Pilates in Surrey was born and proved to be a successful fully equipped pilates studio employing 9 teachers at one time and bringing in over 450 happy clients a week!  
In 2018 I became a mother and my mini me took over my life!  I don’t think anything in the world could have prepared me for the pregnancy, the birth and the arrival of my dear daughter.  She continues to rock my world with joy and laughter each day.

When Covid changed the face of the planet, I saw it as the silver lining to enable us to sell our home in Surrey and close the business.  We impulsively set off for Dorset and have been carving our new life out here since January 2021 and absolutely love it!

Since this huge life decision, my entire business plan has changed and I can now breathe and teach solo again with shorter hours and way less stress!  I have the luxury of being able to devote my time to my daughter and beach time has become almost a daily occurance.  We have a purpose built studio with plenty of parking that can accommodate up to three students at once in Puddletown, Dorset.

As a mother, my passion has grown immensely to support women in regaining strength, trust and confidence in their bodies.  Not enough time is taken to heal your body during those first few post natal years….sadly we place our own needs at the bottom of the list, self care goes out the window and we forget how it feels to “feel good!!”

I try to ensure that each session I teach shifts excess tension, aligns the body and the mind and energises the body.  My aim is to develop your understand of your own body. After all, its YOU that lives in it!    I will embrace your strengths and your weaknesses and try to teach you to love yourself for who you are, not to compete, compare or judge.  Pilates will offer you strength and support on a physical and mental level 

Above all else – service is always with a smile so I hope to see you in person or online really soon! xxx